Facebook App – Property Listing and Search

We’re excited about our revolutionary add on to the Social media platform, starting with Facebook in our initial roadmap with others being plan in the pipeline.

Facebook Property Search:

Facebook Image 1

As a Real Estate professional, isn’t it cool to be able to show your properties on your Facebook page??  It’s nice because people will differentiate your listings from those of your competitors because they see them in a friendly and familiar environment.

Facebook is useful for many reasons, some include the following:

  • Use your network of friends on Facebook to expand your business.
  • Let all your friends and connections browse and even search your properties, right from your Facebook page.
  • Invite your potential clients to your Facebook page to promote your properties to them.
  • Let your agents have their own app on their facebook page showing only their own properties.
  • You can print www.facebook.com/yourpage on your business card.

Facebook App Property Show:

Facebook Image 2


Facebook App Property Listing and Pagination:

Facebook Image 3