Property Portal Features

RealtySoft Portal is a very versatile system, take a look at the included assets and some of its features

PDF Logo

This add-on creates a PDF flyer for each property listed in the website which can be printed on US Letter-sized / A4 printer papaers. The PDF output includes …

Multi Agents

Multi Agents module allow profile management for multiple agents, and each user is able to enter their contact information in the ‘Profile Manager’ section. Name Company Name City, State, Country Zip Code Contact Information:

Customizable Design

Most of us like to be unique and have our own style. The ability to change the look and feel of your website and having your own design is important.

Flexible Data

Property Listing and Search Parameter are easily configurable to add additional fields and parameters as and when required for the business.

Beautiful and Responsive

A design that gets noticed with clean, organized content at its core and a responsive structure adapting to any device. From mobile to desktop your site will always look amazing.

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Property Specification Management

Flex Add-on A backend tool for adding/editing property parameters. Flex add-on directly updates Property Wizard, Ajax Search module and Property Show page.
Video Module This displays an embedded video from YouTube.
Attachments Module Displays the attachments of the property, including floor plan, contracts, etc.
Rooms’ Details Module+Add-on Displays the details and size of each room in the property.
Property Features Module Displays the features of the property.
List of Appliances Shows the list of appliances within the property
Room types Adding different room types with their sizes
Neighborhood Information Displays the proximity of the property with different points of interests.
Listing Type Manager Backend: Defining Listing Types for rent, for sale, vacation rental, student accommodation, etc. These can be used later at the time of adding properties.
Property Type Manager Backend: Property Type Categories like apartment, villa, office, land, etc. These can be used later at the time of adding properties.
Property View Manager Through the Flex Add-on: Defining views of the properties. These views can be used later at the time of adding properties.
Lifestyle Manager Through the Flex Add-on: Defining different Lifestyles (like ski, beach, sports, spa, etc.) for the Property Wizard and then tagging properties with these lifestyles. This is specially useful for Vacation Rental properties.

Property Management

Add/Edit Property Wizard Frontend: A User-Friendly guided wizard for adding/editing properties. With the help of the Flex Add-on you can add/edit most of the Property Wizard parameters.
Property Manager Panel A frontend panel that agents can see, edit, delete and manage their properties. If they have the right access they can also change the owner of the property record and assign it to another agent. The admin can change the owner of any property from this panel.
Property Tags: Featured/Hot Property, Open House, Foreclosure/Power of Sale, Price Reduction In Property Wizard you can tag properties with Open House, Foreclosure, Price Reduction, Featured, Hot Offer, etc. These tags will be shown in the Property Show page. If the Flex Add-on is installed you can edit or add more tags. If the Membership Add-on is installed you can limit Featured and Hot Offer tags for different groups or membership types.
Sold Listing For the simple package, Sold Listing can be achieved through Listing Type Manager. For the Advanced package a more advanced Sold Listing can be achieved through the Flex add-on.
Changing Owner Through the Property Manager panel, admin is able to assign property records to other agent users in the system.
Property Visit Counter Counts the number of times a certain property is visited. The reports are available in the Property Manager panel for each agent user.

Powerful Communication and Social Network Sharing features

Request Visit Users can contact the agent/owner of the property and request a visit or more information about a specific property. When CRM is installed, users requests will be registered in the CRM system, enabling agents to interact more accurately with the potential customers.
Share in Facebook This sends the URL of the property directly to the user’s facebook wall.
Send to Friend Users can send a property to a friend directly from the property show page.
Email Notification System Based on a series of pre-defined events in the system, the Email Notification Manager in the backend sends out notification emails to website clients, agents and admin. These events are manageable by the admin.
Advanced Notification For the details please visit the add-on page.
RSS Feed Provides RSS feed for the list of the properties.

Infinite Style Possibilities

Apply unlimited color options, layouts and styles using Vellum. The theme has been specially designed to be personalized just for you. Vellum has everything you need and more for your custom website.

Contact Form Builder

Make custom contact forms with the fields you choose. Create as many as your site needs, each being different or use the same form many times. There’s even a built in CAPTCHA for blocking spam.

Property Showcase Features

Image Gallery Beautiful Image Gallery with nice transitions between images. The advanced Image Resizing function in RPL produces images that look the same size in the gallery, allowing for smooth transition between images.
Google Map for Property Show This shows the location of the property on Google map in the property details page.
Google Map Street View If the street view is available in a given area, this tab in the property show page displays the street view.
Agent/Owner Business Card Displays the contact information of the agent in the property show page.
Property Details Includes: 1- Property Description 2- Features, 3- Location Information 4-  Appliances 5- Room Details 6- Attachments, etc.

Featured Properties

Display a slide show or carousel, to highlight/showcase the Featured Properties. Easily turn your posts, pages, portfolio or other content source into a sliding, rotating or fading series of images and text. Choose from several transition methods including sliding, fading or 3D effects. Enable auto-start options and set timing for complete control. Rotators are touch enabled and responsive for the best display on any device.

Featured Properties A very flexible module both in design and usability aspects. This module displays selected groups of properties in different parts of the website to be hightighted as Featured Properties to the public.
Image Resizing The portal supports different methods for resizing images that you can choose depending on your server settings.
Template Manager Template Manager allows you the flexibility to add and activate your own designs and CSS for each of the property pages.